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Underpin People is not about reinventing the wheel, but striving to be different. Honesty and integrity are words that are overused in the recruitment world although very rarely witnessed, you’ll find all our people at Underpin have both in abundance, coupled with a practical knowledge of our industry and those we support.

Comprising of a diverse mix of professionals not just in Recruitment but also Construction, Supply Chain and Facilities Management we are in a unique position to ensure what we offer is aligned fully to customer requirements.


Underpin People was established to meet the highest customer expectations in Construction, Infrastructure, Facilities Management and Supply Chain. The business was born from client side first hand frustration with recruitment suppliers and an ambition to change the values of the industry itself.


Our leadership team is a blend of recruitment, construction and supply chain professionals. With an MD benefiting from 26 years’ in the placement of Contract & Permanent Engineers along with a Commercial Director, who as a Chartered Surveyor has over 20 years’ experience in the UK Construction industry. In addition, our Operations Director is the former HR Recruitment Manager for an American based soft drinks Manufacturer with the added benefit of 18 years’ prior external recruitment for FMCG business throughout the UK.

We offer both blue and white collar, Permanent, Contract and Interim solutions to companies within our areas of expertise, crossing a wide range of disciplines from Engineers to Management and Board Level hires.

There is a good reason why we named the company Underpin “it does exactly……” you know the rest!


Con|struc|tion (NOUN) – ‘the action of building something, typically a large structure’.

It sounds simple, but as those within the industry will know the construction world is multi-faceted, with many stages involved in the makeup of each project.  We underpin the workforce of our customers involved in the processes of planning, design, civil engineering and construction by fulfilling their requirements for blue and white collar personnel, both contract and permanent.


For customers, confidence in our ability to surpass expectations is reinforced by the collaboration between themselves and the team at Underpin People.


In|fra|struc|ture (NOUN) – ‘the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities’.

Hard Infrastructure such as roads, rail, bridges, water, sewers, tunnels, electrical grids and telecommunications are all critical to the smooth running of countries worldwide. Underpin People collaborate with principal companies and their contractors to ensure these services operate at their optimum. By working closely with our customers on resource, HSEQ, cost and timeframes our goal is to substantiate the reputations of both ourselves and the companies we support.


Fa|cil|ity (NOUN) - ‘a place, amenity, or piece of equipment provided for a particular purpose’.

Maintaining an efficient working environment can incur substantial overheads, the outsourcing of Facilities Management can improve efficiency and create a leaner organisation allowing concentration on core business. With the increased utilisation of these services, FM companies have increasing demands for qualified and experienced personnel to support their workforce through peaks, troughs and holiday periods, along with the addition of permanent head count. It’s our mix of knowledge and experience within this area that gives our customers the confidence in Underpin People to deliver.


Sup¦ply Chain (NOUN) - ‘the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity’.

Particularly in manufacturing, requirements for a wide variety of skills in multiple areas must come successfully together in order to maintain an optimised Supply Chain. The system of organisations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in providing the efficient, cost effective flow of a product or service is crucial, relying heavily on the people element. Lead by a recruitment veteran with in excess of 20 years’ experience in this field, most recently in a Group HR role as UK Recruitment Manager for a large, American based Soft Drinks Manufacturer and previously as an external supplier of Temporary and Permanent staff predominantly within FMCG, our customers have confidence in our ability to exceed expectations with proven experience through every stage of the supply chain.


New and exciting vacancies are arising on a daily basis. To be hear about our latest vacancies call 01924 666204


Head Office
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Telephone : 01924 666204
Email: info@underpinpeople.co.uk

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